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Here is the text of the executive order:

By the power vested in me by the United States Constitution as President and as the chief law enforcement agent of the land, I hereby order the following: 

  1. The Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security are hereby directed to freeze until further notice all removal processing and procedures of any and all current or former US service members. 
  2. Any current or former service member currently in custody for final removal shall be released immediately. 
  3. All current or former service members already removed from the US will have their removal status placed on hold until further notice. 
  4. All current or former service members either currently living in the US or abroad are hereby authorized to return to or continue to reside in the US without penalty. 

1 comment on “A POTUS Podcast Call to Action: End Veteran Deportation Now!

  1. Joseph Montour says:

    Any and all immagrants that have served this Great Nation should in fact recieve automatic Naturalization to the U.S. . Any previously deported Veteran should be athorized to return immediately and “Grandfathered” into this program!

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